The Cost of the home recording studio

With the use of audio recording software programs, an audio engineer is able to have a fairly professional set-up right in their own home. But for those they want the whole deal, we will discuss all of the aspects and benefits of having a home recording studio, in order to help you determine if you want to make the final leap and become a professional audio engineering with a studio right in your own home.

Home recording studios and How to Begin

The first step in acquiring your own home studio is getting the basics.  The first thing you’ll need to invest in is a quality sound care, aimed towards home studio recording. These can be pricey, but if you’re a stickler for quality sound recordings, this is a must have.

The next item on the list is investing in quality microphones. If you’re thinking of also having a high quality wireless microphone, you’ll need to also purchase a receiver and transmitter.  You’ll want to find microphones that are aimed towards recording such as acoustic microphones.  home recording studio image

Monitor headphones operate differently than the average headphones, giving you the ability to listen to the music recording with exact accuracy, giving you the ability to listen to any errors made in the recording tracks. You will also need to purchase a set of high quality monitoring speakers for the same reasons: monitoring the playback and listening for tuning issues in live time.

You will also need a synthesizer to make your home recording studio complete.  These come equipped with different instrument sounds that you can later mix into your tracks.

And lastly but most importantly, invest in good audio recording software such as Pro tools. If you’re a certified audio engineer, you’ll have the capabilities to handle a program with this type of complexity level. If you don’t have much experience in the art of mixing music, you may want to hold off on having your own studio and gain some experience in an educational environment where you’ll learn to use high quality mixing and editing software programs like a professional.

Will the Cost Break your Bank?

Having your own studio doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but you should consider at least investing 15,000$ in quality recording devices and software. Some home studios can cost as high as 10,000$ but also feature the same equipment that larger professional studio’s offer. If you’re thinking of making money at this, then you need to invest time and money into putting together a studio that will be taken seriously.

If this studio is just for personal use and to record a friend’s band, you can think of using the smaller budget.

You can find new and used studio equipment online or at music supply stores. Places like Amazon offer used models which can really help if you’re on a tight budget.

By: Amy D. Hartwell

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