Music Production Software: How Much Does It Cost?

When you hear about music production software, you instantly see $$$. Most of the best music production software products available in the market also come with hefty price tags that are just not suitable for the amateur artist. However, there are also programs that could do just as much without burning your bank account so if a music production software is what sets you back in your quest to create a home studio, you don’t have to worry anymore. Here is a list of the best programs to suit your needs and your budget!

Music Production Software – Free to $200

Believe it or not, there are music production software products that you can download for free or you can purchase for much less than you expected. Here is a comprehensive list of the cheapest in the music production software department for audio engineering and a quick review of what each of them can do.
Product: Sonar LE
Cost: FREE
The Sonar LE is Cakewalk’s only freeware that gives you a sample of what the bigger Sonar products can do. The program is compatible with USB devices such as microphones or instrument connectors for easy recording of various instruments. Sonar LE also has virtual instruments that will let you play music in your computer without actual instruments.

Product: Music Creator 6
Cost: $49.99
Music Creator 6 is probably the best music production software for novice or aspiring audio technicians. The graphics and foolproof manuals are very easy to navigate that it is almost like playing with a computer game.

Product: Samplitude Music Studio 15
Cost: $75
Samplitude is a very intuitive program that allows the user to record, mix, remix, and add effects to an audio track. It is a good music production software for beginners and those who feel that they have graduated from using freeware.

The Big Nammusic production softwarees in Music Software – $200 and up

Now, if you feel like you already exhausted the functions that a cheap or free music production software has, it is probably time to step up your game with various programs that would cost more than the usual but give you a music production experience like you are a professional.

The three biggest names in music production software include:

Product: Pro Tools M-Powered 8
Cost: $299.95
Pro Tools is used by some of the most well known artists in the world today including the Black Eyed Peas and Depeche Mode. This music production software is perfect for those who are looking for the loop function in a program. Pro Tools focused on loop generation for complicated audio to create a clean, static-free track.

Product: Ableton Live 8
Cost: $329.95
Like the latter, Ableton Live is also preferred by recording artists worldwide. Daft Punk and Nine Inch Nails are just two of the biggest names that use this music production software. With Ableton Live 8, rock music is redefined by its loop, remix, sequencing, and virtual sound effect functions.

Product: KORE 2012
Cost: $399.00
KORE might be the most expensive music production software but it is also one of the most flexible. The interface can either be very simple or complicated depending on how the artist wishes the final track to become. If you are considering being serious in the music production business, KORE is a good fit for the job.

Which Software to Choose, Then?

music production softwareThe answer is simple – ALL OF THEM. Now, you don’t need to drop your jaw to the floor and think about the cash you would be pouring out. Remember that most of these music production software products offer free trials. Take advantage of these free trials and assess which one suits your needs and your budget!

By: Amy D. Hartwell

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